Travelling update and EU “crisis”

So the results came in today for the referendum and I voted to stay in the EU but apparently a lot of people didn’t. Of course I was pretty disappointed and worried but there is nothing I can do about it so its best to try and just make the best of what is going to happen over the next two years.

Anyway I realized that because of this, travelling around Europe is going to be more expensive than ever and so I have decided on something else for the mean time. I am currently looking at trips to Australia to work and explore at the same time. I found the GAP360 trip to down under looked very good and not too pricey either. The trip consists of a week holiday period, making friends and enjoying all sorts of activities and overall just relaxing. Then they help you secure a job and you just go from there really. You can look at the full details here –> Absolute Oz working holiday

I am really motivated to make this happen because I really feel like a break is needed when all I’ve done is stay in education since I was three years old. If you think about it, you spend nearly half your healthy years in education and I don’t think its really all that healthy. I will still be coming back after the year and finishing my degree but I think it will be a great experience. I am going to try and be more active on my blog and maybe even start creating some YouTube content, but I really want to start making the most of what skill I have this next coming year.

-Please stick around, talk soon.
Alisha x


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